How do I prepare my parcels for shipping?

Parcels should be able to withstand normal impact of transport handling, and must have a unique Tracking ID number attached to the exterior packaging.

To determine whether your parcel is transit-ready, check by asking: Can the parcel withstand a table-height tumble?

If yes, then your parcel is ready to be labelled and shipped! If not, please refer to the guidelines below in order to properly prepare your parcel for transit:

  • Let us know it’s fragile! Label all fragile items with a Fragile sticker, or clearly write “Fragile” on the exterior packaging. Please also give verbal instructions to our Delivery Ninjas at the time of the pickup, to ensure that we immediately know to take precautions.

  • Use protective material. Wrap ceramics, glass bottles, and other fragile items in protective material such as bubble wrap and/or foam casing.

  • When shipping bottled liquids… Apart from using bubble wrap to protect the bottle, please place bottles into sealed plastic bags to prevent spillage.

  • For irregularly sized items… Encase stacked or irregularly sized packages inside a larger box, and fill up empty areas of the box by using balled up newspaper or other material.

  • When shipping clothing… If using a carton box to ship clothing or textiles, please place the item in plastic bags before inserting the item into the box.

  • When shipping electronics... Please ensure that electronic devices are powered off. Detach the batteries when possible.

  • We have weight and volumetric limitations... For NCR deliveries, we can only accommodate up to 30kg in weight; for provincial deliveries, our limit is 10kg. All parcels should also not exceed 1 meter in any sides. 

Please note that while we handle each item with care, Ninja Van will not liable for damage to items due to poor packaging. Repackaging fees may apply for any parcels deemed unfit for transit.

If you need help with preparing your parcels for transit, send us an email at

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